Jessie has always enjoyed traveling, whether it was to the close-by lakes of Red Feather in Colorado, or distant lands across an ocean.  This sense of adventure has become a defining factor in her adult life as she now lives abroad and travels the world.  You can join her on these travels by reading her blog and learning the joys and struggles that come with immersion into another culture.  She spent the last two years living in Lima, Peru, and is now in Beijing, China.

Even though it sounds like she’s always hopping off a plain, train, or taxi, this lifestyle presents a challenge- how do you balance meeting new people with staying connected to family and friends back home? Jessie likes to find ways to share her experiences with everyone she knows while always making the effort to put some roots down wherever she ends up.  Through this blog she hopes she can share each of her new homes with other people so they can learn something new about a culture, or learn some tips before traveling to the same places.  Read on to discover something new about the world we live in!

Want more info on what I’m up to? Follow me on Twitter @journeywmnjess or view my YouTube channel for videos.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Jessie. Really enjoy your website. Your experiences remind me so much of when I was living in Asia and was about your age.

    Will you be in Beijing this May? We most likely will be traveling through on our annual trip to Hong Kong (where we participate in an upscale Chinese antique show).

    We wish you a wonderful Easter (although we realize that it is a little bit past the date there)…but it still is Easter in Colorado and Ann Arbor! Stu Hilbert (and Barbara and Lianne)

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